Monday, June 28, 2010

True Beauty

Do you think true beauty is loving yourself for who you are? Do you believe in worshiping your body no matter what size? Beauty doesn't always have to be the outside - it's about how you see someone. I don't mean looks, I'm saying really looking at someone, digging deep to find what is special. You can think someone is beautiful by looks if you wish, but also find something else that makes them beautiful - and I don't mean makeup or clothes. Is it their personality or culture? Beauty has many definitions to this day, and some people don't realize what it really means. I think that there isn't one woman who isn't self conscious about her body. Every woman should feel beautiful every day all day, with or without makeup, money, or even clothes. I've said to myself plenty of times while flipping through the pages of Elle or Vogue while looking at the glamorous fashion models, 'I wish I could look like that'. Everyone has individual talents and is beautiful in their own way. I've learned a lot about the human body and learning to accept different cultures, and finally seeing the true beauty in everyone. I read that in some foreign countries, body fat is cherished. It is known as a beautiful nature. And that is what I love learning about, people have many other unique definitions of true beauty. Beauty is what YOU want to see, its nothing else but what you want to see.

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