Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coco Chameleon

In the Flare April 2010 issue, supermodel Coco Rocha pops up to remind us what we love about her. She always tends to blow the crowd away with her ability to move so compellingly from one shot to another. Her fiance', James Conran, an interior designer, came in handy during this shoot. He designed each backdrop for his fiance', Coco, to impress us by going from a tribal Rodarte warrior, a feathered angel, to a quirky clown; all without skipping a beat. Coco's in the top ten of, and she was also number one choice among the readers of as top Canadian model. Coco is really one of the very best models out in the industry. It's not so much about Coco's look, its the whole package. She's so expressive in many, many ways. Coco is a performer; she expresses herself throughout each shot and that's what makes her one of the very best. She's not afraid to make fun of herself, she just goes for it, and it really shows in her shots. For this shoot, it's all about moods and color, which is a huge statement for spring.

Chris Nicholls Photography for Flare Magazine

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