Sunday, May 2, 2010

Volapalooza Mannequins

This past Friday, April 30, was the annual "Volapalooza" concert with three discrete bands who performed; Irish-jig band Flogging Molly, rapper Asher Roth, and the electronic-rocksters Passion Pit. It was indeed a dandy and diverse night of music I have to say. Many people attended this exciting event. As soon as I started wandering around the venue the concert was held at, I spotted many stylish individuals. Bohemian-hippie, edgy-rocker, contemporary-chic; many different fashions were all around. I loved seeing and hearing the diversity of music and people that were at this annual event. Here is a photo of a unique individual who attended the concert in style.


  1. Caroline, your blog is so good. Volapalooza was amazing with you. You are my little fashionista and I love you. Hope you like my new romper. Photoshoot?!
    Courtney W

  2. I <3 that girls dress. Do u know were its from?